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One-on-one (1 on 1) private tutoring at your home 

  • Subjects:  All Math and Physics for Gr.4 - Gr.12, University / College              [Revised: April 15, 2020]
                   Math:   Linear Algebra, Calculus, Differential Equations, Statistics (Probability), 

                               AP Calculus, IB Calculus , GMAT, SAT, SSAT, GRE, EQAO, TOPS programs,

                               G12 Calculus & Vectors (MCV4U), G12 Adv. Functions (MHF4U), 

                               G12 Data Management (MDM4U), G11 Functions (MCR3U), etc

  • Office:                     The Beach (Newbold Ave.) [East of Coxwell Ave. & upper Gerrard St. E]

  • Catchment area:    The Beach  [Coxwell to Victoria Park Ave.]

  • Time:                   9 am – 10 pm (Monday – Friday, Weekends & Holidays)  

  • Tutor:                   Naoki Yoshikawa (Japanese)      Contact:  [email protected]

  • Qualifications:
    ・Extensive and global experience in tutoring/teaching in many countries:

      - Tutor in Canada [8 years]
      - University lecturer (Trigonometry, Discrete Analysis and Calculus) in U.S. [2 years]         
      - High school teacher (Physics) in U.K.
      - High school teacher (Math, Physics & Chemistry) in Japan [3 years]
      - High school teacher (Math & Science) in Papua New Guinea [2 years] & Kenya [2 years] 
      - Science Teacher Training Program Officer (Administrative work) in Uganda [3 years] & Pakistan [2 years]

    ・ 2 Master’s Degrees & Bachelor of Science
      - M.Sc., Continuing Education Math from West Alabama University in U.S.
      - M.A., Applied Math from University of Alabama in Huntsville in U.S. 
      - B.S., Chemical Engineering from Doshisha University in Kyoto, Japan

    ・ Criminal Records Check (Clearance Letter) in May, 2019 by Toronto Police

We have created YouTube videos.  Please refer them:

FR-01 Fraction (equivalent)   
FR-02 Fraction (greater or less)
FR-03 Fraction (mixed number)
FR-04 Fraction (addition/subtraction 1)
FR-05 Fraction (addition/subtraction 2)
FR-06 Fraction (addition/subtraction 3)  https://
FR-07 Fraction (addition/subtraction 4)
FR-08 Fraction (whole numbers to fractions)
FR-09 Fraction (decimals to fractions)
FR-10 Fraction ( fractions, decimals, whole numbers )
FR-11 Fraction (multiplication 1) [by a whole number]
FR 12 Fraction (multiplication 2) [general method]  
FR-13 Fraction (multiplication 3) [Canceling Method]
FR-14 Fraction (multiplication 4) [mixed numbers]   
FR-15 Fraction (multiplication 5) [decimals]                   

11 Newbold Avenue, Toronto


    Contact:  Naoki  ("now key") 

            647 - 778 - 4322

    Inspire Math

    [email protected]